So Long American Idol, Thanks for the Memories!

American Idol what happened? You used to be cool. Okay I was very disappointed last year when Kris Allen was announced the winner, instead of the contestant who had the whole package, Adam Lambert. Kris may of won Idol but Adam had the Rolling Stone Cover. I swore I would never watch Idol again…yet here I am, a new season watching to see who’ll make the Idol cut. I watched in past seasons with baited breath just to see what train wreck Judge Paula Abdul would do this week, and we knew at least with her it was just a matter of time till she lost it in some small way….but now, the judges are just boring. Simon is predictable, Randys just there, Kara tries to be nice, and Ellen isn’t in the music business, I hoped she would at least make us laugh, but she’s not funny either, she tries to give real advice to the singers in a serious kinda way and it’s not good. This show is a hot mess this season, kinda. This is reported to be Simons last season but I think he should of left with Paula. The show just doesn’t work anymore. It was fun while it lasted. Sorry American Idol! I think your heyday is over….

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