Grammy Divas 2010

The women of music took over the Grammy Award Show last night winning “Best Album of the Year, “Song of the Year”, “Best Country Album” and “Best Dance Recording”, to name a few. The morning after buzz is all about performance and fashion.  While I’m not talking about each performance last night there were a few that I wanted to highlight. 

Lady Gaga opened the Grammys with a larger than life duet with Elton John in a stunning over the top performance ending with Lady Gaga’s “Speechless” while she and Elton wore matching glittering sunglasses and played the piano facing each other. Fabulous!  Another performance which stood out in my mind was Pink performing “Glitter in the Air”.  She sung the song while performing acrobatics high above the stage while wearing some sequins in a burlesque type high wire act and as the song built up water began to pour on her from above.  The song finished with her spinning down and spraying water in all directions.  Pink received a standing ovation for doing not only a great musical performance but one that was visually appealing as well. 

A couple of “what were they thinking?” moments included Beyonce channeling the spirit of Alanis Morissette by singing “You Oughta Know”.  What was that about?  Mind you, Beyonce isn’t one of my favorite artists, I think she sings pop crap.  Catchy pop crap and sometimes I catch myself humming a Beyonce song but I think last nights performance was a hot mess.   But the performance that I can’t get outta my head and I wish I could was the Taylor Swift/Stevie Nicks collaboration.  Now I am a huge Stevie Nicks fan, I saw her on tour with Fleetwood Mac this past summer and I have practically everything she has ever recorded but good God, how did they convince her to join that circus?  I may have to go to my special place and curl up with my iPod listening to good versions of “Rhiannon” to get over this.  I keep trying to justify it by thinking it was a pity performance for Taylor by Stevie and that she was just trying to do something nice, but I may need some counseling because in my mind musically Stevie Nicks could do no wrong and then she did, but she looked good.

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