Tiger Apologizes (Really)?

So I get up this morning, turn on HLN and WTF? The only news that apparently is happening right now is the countdown to Tiger Wood’s apology. Unbelivable, what a hot mess!

So it’s like a car accident, you know it’s there and you have to look as you go by. Tiger read his little 15 minute statement and said he was truly sorry, while looking directly into the camera. Reporters there were handpicked by Woods and were not allowed to ask any questions. The excluded reporters were holed up in a Marriott about a half a mile away.

I feel probably like most people, I really don’t care what Tiger Woods does. Why not admit your mistakes and go on? Why the hiding for three months before even making a statement? I think he will play golf again and be recognized for that talent, but he will not be able to market himself again by being spokesperson for companies and sponsors. I think that well has dried up. His brand, in this case himself, is damaged goods at this point and that damage has been done and the more elusive he is the more persistant the media will be.

He is a trending topic on Twitter right now. I’ve even saw articles written on his body language during the statement he made this morning. There is still so much speculation about him and his statement just didn’t seem sincere nor forthcoming enough since no one was allowed to ask questions. But no matter what your opinion is about Tiger today, or if you even have one, there’s no doubt Friday Feb 19th the news is all about Tiger!

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