New Moon Fever

With a glimpse of the Eclipse trailer this week and the dvd release of New Moon, second in the Twilight saga, it’s a good week for fans of the Twilight series. PreOrders are available from all dvd retailers online, but die-hard fans will be at release parties which are happening everywhere tomorrow night before the midnight release. Borders, and Blockbuster are among the retailers hosting midnight parties. There are also several versions of the dvd for WalMart, Target, Best Buy to name a few, each with different artwork and features. The bonus features include extra movie scenes, a feature of the next Twilight movie, Eclipse, but strangely enough, I can’t find a dvd with a digital copy. I usually purchase my dvds at Target because many times you’ll get a digital copy with it and I put them on my iPod, but with all the cool features available on this dvd it seems they forgot all about the basics.

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