Lost, The Beginning of The End

After six seasons avid fans of Lost are gearing up for one of the highest anticipated final episodes of a series that rivals the last episode of Friends or Seinfield. Viewers are planning Lost viewing parties, the producers of the show are making the rounds on talk shows, fans are making their last predictions via Twitter and Facebook, everyone is betting on what questions about Lost will be answered and there are hints from the producers that the show will continue in some form or another, although they have said the Lost story will come to a close. I smell either a series spin-off or an interactive game of some sort. For Losties there are literally hours and hours of Lost programming this weekend. ABC kicks off the party Saturday night with a re-airing of the pilot in the enhanced version, it’ll be interesting to see the first episode with a completely different perspective then the first time around and I’m sure there are little things we’ll notice that we missed during the initial airing of the pilot. Sunday’s Lost programming begins at 7 pm EST with a two hour series retrospective with emphasis on this last season, Lost: The Final Journey. Then at 9 pm EST the Lost 2 1/2 hour finale will begin. The episode will be simulcast around the world during the west coast showing, so those of you in the UK set your clocks for 5 am. After a 1/2 hour break for local news Jimmy Kimmel Live is airing Aloha to Lost at 12:05 am, featuring live appearances of the Lost cast. I’ll be posting coverage of all the shows, reactions to the series end and final thoughts of the series sometime after the finale. Until then enjoy the ride!!! It’s a Lost weekend! Oh, I’ll close with my zany prediction, I think Vincent (the dog) was either the Man In Black or Jacob all along. I also think Locke’s body has been inhabited by Jacob the entire show, sabotaging every effort to get off the island and trying to convince the passengers to do the right thing by protecting the island. Do you have a zany Lost prediction? Send it to me in comments titled “I Have a Zany Lost Prediction”.

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2 Responses to Lost, The Beginning of The End

  1. Gutted that Lost is finished, there isn’t a lot other than them I want on the telly

  2. Edgardo Crane says:

    Not much on television compares to Lost, I liked it

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