Lost-The End

I began my Lost weekend by watching the re-airing of the pilot episode on Saturday. It was nice to watch those first interactions as characters began to acquaint themselves with each other and the island. On Sunday I watched Lost:The Final Journey, a two hour retrospective which emphasized Season 6. Then before I knew it, it was time for the Season finale. My husband and I dreaded watching it because we knew it was an end to an era. I kept reassuring myself that the series had been so well written thus far, how could the writers fail the millions of people waiting to see the final episode of Lost. As the show began I was brought to tears several times with the reuniting of several characters throughout the show, Charlie and Claire, Jin and Sun, Juliet and Sawyer, etc. It became clear that all the main characters were going to meet up at the same location, a church, for some reason as they remembered the wonderful connections they had made to each other on the island. I think this is when I began wondering “What about the answers we were promised to be given?” Nothing had been said about Michael, Walt, the man in black, no explanation for the light or heart of the island, the rules, Jacob, etc., etc., No answers were given to us about the mysteries which had unfolded over the last six seasons on the island. In the end the show was a show about relationships, Really? Funny, I just figured the writers had spun so many stories they couldn’t find a common thread or any way to tie their stories together so they took the easy way out-everyone was dead and back together in spirit–The End. I enjoyed the sappy reuniting of the “Lost” couples as much as anyone, although it was kinda a la “Lifetime” for me, and I “get it”, the writers were saying the important thing in life is the connections we make with people and not the search of our own personal quests. I think as viewers for six seasons we deserved more, I realize as a writer the story that has to be told may not always satisfy the masses, but I also recognize the fact that if you have an established franchise with millions of followers which have invested six seasons watching your show they deserve some answers to the mysteries of Lost that you as writers brought into our living room.

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