True Blood…Season 3 Coming Soon To A Television Near You!

True Blood the wickedly, uber-cool HBO series created by Alan Ball, based on the Charlaine Harris novel series The Southern Vampire Mysteries, premieres Season 3 on June 13. I knew when I first heard the opening theme song “I Wanna Do Bad Things To You” that I would love the show. Several of the promo press releases for Season 3 had the tagline “Series Premiere June 13…Waiting Sucks”. This season promises some new characters including more of Alcide the Werewolf, and a missing Bill Compton. It’s also been reported that Sam the shapeshifter will have a sub-plot and we’ll learn more about his background this season. For those of us who are fans of the books, and have read the books, it doesn’t necessarily mean we know the plot. Alan Ball has deviated from the books in the past, yet stayed true to the Sookie Saga and I think that’s great, we can enjoy the books and the show without knowing everything that’s going to happen next. Charlaine Harris just released Book 10 in the series “Dead In The Family” and I hope the television series lasts just as long. The music from True Blood plays such an integral part in the show as well. This is where I was first introduced to The Zac Brown Band. I, along with all the other fans of True Blood can’t wait until Season 3, but I suppose we’ll have to placate ourselves from the release of Season 2 on dvd and The Soundtrack from Season 2, both coming out in a couple of weeks, as well as, the minisodes being released on (one a week until Season 3 premiere) and as you said HBO…Waiting Sucks!!!

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