Eclipse Movie Review

I saw Eclipse yesterday, yes I waited until the initial rush for the theatre died down a bit and I have to say it was so good. The actors, who for the most part have been in 3 movies now together, have hit their stride. The story moved along well and totally held my attention the entire time. This third Twilight installment is a little darker, and a little deeper movie then it’s predecessors. For example, as Bella makes preparations to become a vampire she sees her mom for what she thinks is the last time. Other things in Twilightville have changed as well. There’s graduation for all the kids and to show that the Edward/Bella relationship have made the Cullens more accepted, the Cullens are shown at the lunch table with the regular kids when Alice announces the Cullens are having a graduation party for everyone. The next scene shows the entire class partying down at the Cullen house. Cheesiest moment in the movie was at the party when the Muse song started playing and one of the girls said I love this song, let’s go dance. Even I know Muse is Stephanie Myers favorite band and I like Muse but this song seriously sucks. Edward and Jacob work together (kinda) and get the Cullens and the wolf pack to work together to protect Bella. We get to see some flashbacks of the Cullens (Rosalie and Jasper) and we see the circumstances in which they were turned, I loved it. Dakota Fanning makes another convincing appearance as the super evil Jane of the Volturi. You see several glimpses of Bree Tanner, a newly created baby vampire on which the small novella was written earlier in the summer. I’ve not read The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner yet, I’ve had so much summer reading queued up, but the Bree scenes make me want to read the novella, which I hope to do soon. Bella wrestles throughout the movie with the ideas of the concept of marriage, turning, human vs. immortal life and literally Edward vs. Jacob as both make their affections for Bella clear. The movie ends with Bella making plans to be turned and the anticipation of her marriage to Edward. With two more installments of Twilight to go (Breaking Dawn will be split into two movies) the next two movies will show lots of new locations, and changes in the dynamics of the story. I can’t wait.

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