True Blood Season 3 Recap

True Blood Season 3 is now over and personally I thought it was the best season to date. I think in Season 1 the actors were just getting into character and not as comfortable around each other, and I hated most of the whole Maryann is a maenad storyline of Season 2. In Season 3 we saw Russell and his many depths of weirdness even for a vampire, carrying Talbot around in a jar for several episodes. Russell was a really good evil character and I enjoyed his classic news scene where he said something to the effect of “Vampires will come after you and eat your children, Now back to the weather, Tiffany?” The Sookie, Bill, Eric triangle heated up and I think as an audience alot of us got tired of Bill, who we learned at the end of Season 3 (thanks to Eric) had used Sookie from day one, when he allowed the Rattrays beat up Sookie in the pilot episode. I think by the last episode after hearing the news about Bill she’s just done with him for now, Sookie was last seen disappearing to fairyland with Claudine. Pam was her usual scarastic self doing Eric’s bidding. Eric became more intrigued with Sookie and made sure she knew the circumstances about her and Bill’s first meeting.Crystal was introduced and those of us who have read the book series know this can’t end well for Jason. Interestingly enough, we got to know more about Sam and his background, as well as his family. Tara decided to leave town on the last episode, rockin a new short sassy haircut, I hope she changes her mind. Lafayette got involved with Jesus who is a witch, I wonder if this was a setup for next season since there will be alot of faries and witches on Season 4. Hoyt made up with Jessica and bought a house for the two of them, I wonder if they’ll live happily ever after?

The seasons of True Blood on tv have matched up fairly close with each book in the series, with the exception of some changes Alan Ball made for the tv storyline. Book 4 is one of the readers favorite books in the series, and I’m sure we won’t be disappointed with Season 4 True Blood. There’ll be faries and witches and lots of Eric. Goodness, it’s a long time until Summer!

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