Wine Review Oak Leaf Cabernet Sauvignon

Now it’s time to acknowledge with the current economic conditions, it’s become fashionable to find a decent cheap wine. So we’ve all heard of two buck Chuck, Trader Joe’s $2 wine. And we’ve all heard about the really cheap decent wines which are coming out of France now. Tonight we tried Oak Leaf Cabernet Sauvignon WalMart’s cheap brand of wines. Oak Leaf comes from Oak Leaf Vineyard, Napa California and the wines have no vintage on them. It turns out it was a decent cab., it was kinda fruity for a cab. and lacked tanins but was a decent red table wine. We had it with steak and potatoes, but I think it would of been better with pasta. I’ve tasted worse cabs. that were much more expensive.

I gave it 3 out of 5 stars.

Cost $2.97 !

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