Lucky Duck Cabernet Sauvignon

Lucky Duck is an excellent “recession wine”. I don’t remember where I first heard that term but now I hear it more and more and it’s an apt description reflecting the world we live in today. With our current economy, it’s fashionable to buy a decent, lower priced wine and there are many on the market. It seems that every big store has their version of a good low priced wine. WalMart carries Oak Leaf wines for $2.97 as well as the Lucky Duck wines for $3.97. The Cab is the only Lucky Duck wine I’ve tried so far but it was actually quite nice. It had an aroma of blackberries with a light to medium body. We paired it with a grilled steak and it was really good. Lucky Duck Cab is imported from Chile and makes a great addition to my list of recession wines.

I rated Lucky Duck Cab 3 out of 5 stars.

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