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Those of you that know me personally know I always have my iPod close by. I have many playlists and I thought I’d share one of those occasionally. This is a playlist I listen to when I’m writing. These are some of my favorite songs and they’re easy to listen to, meaning I get in the writing zone and eventually the music fades to the background and I forget it’s even playing.

1. Sleep Alone-Bat for Lashes
2. Gimme Sympathy-Metric
3. How Does It Feel-Eskimo Joe
4. Little Lion Man-Mumford and Sons
5. Strange and Beautiful-Aqualung
6. Belated Promise Ring-Iron and Wine
7. Bloodstream-Stateless
8. Breakdown-Deerheart
9. Boom-Anjulie
10.Madder Red-Yeasayer
11.Ready to Start-Arcade Fire
13.Squirm-Dave Matthews Band
14.Ghost Town-First Aid Kit
15.Walk With Me-Moby

I hope you enjoy! It’s the weekend, get out and play…till next time xoxo

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