Yesterday I went to the store actually for some pumpkin pie liqueur but when I got there they were out of it so, long story short, I ended up buying some Hpnotiq instead. I was sceptical, never having tried it, thinking it would probably be a sweet, summer sugar-filled drink. It was a very damp, cold, miserable kind of evening here so after dinner I decided to try some Hpnotiq. I was pleasantly surprised. Hpnotiq is a well balanced liqueur, blended of exotic fruit juices, premium vodka and a nice touch of cognac. The cognac actually saves it from being a warm weather only drink. It’s imported from France, but very affordable, I got the larger bottle and paid $19.00 for it. It was a holiday gift pack which included the cute glasses in the picture above as well as a cute clear ice bucket with the swirled logo on the side. Also, being here in North Carolina and being big Carolina Tarheel fans-my husband went to college there, the drink is a captivating Carolina Blue, just a sidenote for any Tarheel fans reading this blog. I tried it straight up, which was really good and I also tried Hpnotiq with a bit of pineapple juice, which I really enjoyed. There are lots of recipes on the offical site if anyone is interested.

Till Next Time, Enjoy! xoxo

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