Blood Into Wine

I had the pleasure of watching a great documentary a couple of nights ago, Blood Into Wine, which combines two things which I like to follow, wine and rock and roll. The premise of the documentary follows Maynard James Keenan, front man for Tool, A Perfect Circle and Puscifer and winemaker Eric Glomski as they tell their story about establishing a vineyard in Northern Arizona. The two men work well together as winemaking partners and come across in the storyline as neighbors just helping each other out to achieve a common goal. You learn about the trials of being among the first to plant grapes in Northern Arizona. There isn’t alot of band footage of Maynard and he stresses the fact that he considers the vineyard his full-time day job and a couple of times a year he may go off to have some fun touring with Tool. You can also sense Maynard trying to take the focus off of himself, as a rocker personality and emphasizing his wine Caduceus Cellars. He also comes across with devoted sincerity when talking about the vineyard and the creative process of winemaking. After watching it I totally want to order some of his wine along with a couple of vineyard tees. So if you’re interested in the winemaking process and/or you’re a fan of Tool this is an excellent documentary to check out. It’s out on dvd, as well as running on Netflicks right now.

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