Surprise Winter Snowstorm

So on the day of Christmas Eve the weather was fabulous. All the previous snow and ice we had in the yard was gone, the temp. was decent, the sun was beaming down and I got out and threw Watson tennis balls (which is his by far favorite game) for a couple of hours. The weather forecast was for possibly an inch of snow Christmas Day, so we just expected a bit of a dusting. Well, my hubby said he got up early Christmas Day and by daybreak it began to snow and is still snowing as I write this blog, the day after Christmas. The weather forecast changed from possibly an inch of snow to a foot of snow. Currently, we have eight or nine inches of snow, the power has been off for approximately an hour and a half this morning, but is back on now and yes, I have to admit, I’m glad we got this big snow on Christmas. It was so great waking up Christmas morning to a record breaking snowfall for Christmas Day. It’s forced us to slow down some and enjoy the holiday weekend even more. All in all, I have to say it’s been a perfectly lovely Christmas.

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