A Break In The Weather

Today we have a break in the bad weather, we had a low of 5 degrees last night but, today is bright and sunny, yet still cold. So we took advantage of the snow “break” and I made a list consisting mostly of fresh fruits and veggies which my hubby picked up at the store. In my quest to eat more fresh fruits and veggies I’m trying one new recipe a week and he picked up some lentils and artichoke hearts that I needed for that today as well.

Today is Day 3 of No Smoking, I still feel good about it, still have great peace of mind. I don’t know what made the difference with quitting this time, as opposed to the other times I’ve tried to quit, with the exception of being brutally honest with myself. I really didn’t want to quit, but I really needed to quit, and I think I have come to terms with that and have just accepted that quitting is what I need to do. It’s best for my health, the health of those around me, finanically it makes cents (pun intended). There is truly no reason to continue smoking other than I enjoy it.

The forecast is calling for a bigger snow storm than the last one we had, beginning late tonight and snowing thru tomorrow leaving us with up to a foot of additional snowfall. So, at least we took advantage of the break and used it to kinda prepare for the next round.

Stay warm. XOXO

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