It’s the Weekend…

Finally a sunshine filled, fifty-some degrees, no snow in the forecast weekend! We’ve had a gorgeous weekend here in Western NC and I think everyone has taken advantage of it, after being snowed in so many weekends and experiencing some miserable weather this winter.

Yesterday we went to our niece’s birthday party. She is turning five soon and basically planned this party herself. She wanted a luau theme with music and the games included musical chairs, bowling and limbo. My husband commented that getting 20 some 5 year olds to play musical chairs was like herding cats lol! I thought that was pretty funny. In the afternoon I threw some tennis balls to our German Shepherd Dog, Watson, he’s missed playing outside on these snowy days. Later on that night we went out for dinner at our local Mexican Restaurant, El Ranchero.

Today is kinda laid back, as the best Sunday’s tend to be laid back. We’ve both been working on our blogs this morning. I’m making some large chef salad’s for lunch. I’m sure we’ll both be out later playing with Watson. Who knows, I may take my kindle and just sit on the deck reading some this afternoon, soaking up some sunshine. Today is 23 days smoke-free and life is good!!!


On another note, my thoughts go out to the people of Egypt who have taken to the streets this weekend trying to convince President Mubarak to step down. We’ve been watching this story unfold on CNN, Fox and MSNBC who have all been covering this story all weekend.

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