Lady Gaga put on a Madonna of a Show

At the 2011 Grammy Awards Lady Gaga performed her new single “Born This Way”, but apparently alot of people think Lady Gaga means “Born Like Madonna” because comparisons are being made. Many people think “Born This Way” is just a new version of “Express Yourself” the 1989 hit by Madonna. To me this wouldn’t of been as obvious if Gaga had done it in her own monster way, but she came out onto the Grammy stage with a Madonna “look”, her hair was very long straight and had the knot at the top like Madonna wore her’s “back in the day”. My point is this, Did Lady Gaga set out to copy Madonna or is Madonna a strong musical influence in Gaga’s life? Lady Gaga says Madonna and her representatives have been in touch with her and support her and that she meant no harm, she’s a huge Madonna fan. So it’s all good, according to Lady Gaga. I guess imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. I’m hoping it was just a musical influence coming thru. I mean, the song “Express Yourself” is 22 years old. I hope everytime an artist shows a bit of a saucy Madonna side, Madonna fans don’t go all pissy and call foul. If that’s the case Madonna’s music style will end with her. Time will tell, many predict this is the beginning of the end for Lady Gaga but I secretly hope not and I really don’t think so. Lady Gaga has a huge fan base and her fans are very devoted, can that many people be wrong? I think she’s the real thing and, while I’m sticking my neck out, I predict she’ll come back more original and stronger than ever. In the meantime, I like “Born This Way” and I’m taking it the way she intended, an homage to a great artist.

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