Warmer Weather Is About, Kick Up Your Heels And Enjoy!!!

We had a gorgeous day today here in Western North Carolina with 70+ temps. I enjoyed the day by driving to a nearby town, having lunch with a bestie. I managed to work in a convertible ride and even hit the Blue Ridge Parkway a bit for a short scenic ride. How many people can hit the Parkway on the way to their local WalMart for some grocery shopping? Well I can, and I do every chance I get. Tee Hee!!! I got home, put up groceries and threw Wats, our German Shepherd Dog, some tennis balls, grilled steaks outside and we had a great bottle of wine (Cupcake Winery Red Velvet blend) with dinner and some really good chocolate (chillies with cherries dark chocolate) for afters. (Watson had some of his organic peanut butter cookies). I’m watching Vampire Diaries as I write this, I love that show and now I apologize, I am really rambling…Tomorrow is supposed to be even warmer than today–bring it on!!!

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