Big Tomato Chardonnay Earth Fare Exclusive

Region: California

Winery: Cellared and bottled by Iron Oaks Winery

We purchased Big Tomato Chardonnay on a recent trip to Earth Fare. I opened this bottle for our recent 9th wedding anniversary dinner and it was, as we both agreed, the best Chardonnay either of us had ever tasted. It went so well with the salad with strawberries, roasted sweet potatoes and barbecued pork chops I cooked for our anniversary dinner. It’s a crisp, citrusy Chardonnay which compliments dinner, without overpowering the food flavors. This wine is bottled exclusively for Earth Fare and is quite affordable.

Rating: Excellent Chardonnay 5 out of 5 stars.

Cost: $6.99

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