Dior Fires John Galliano

Fashion history was made today when it was announced today by Dior, according to People magazine, that termination procedures are beginning for John Galliano after reports of complaints of John Galliano’s racial and anti-Semitic remarks in a Paris cafe’. John Galliano was suspended over the weekend for his remarks. Today The Sun posted a video of another incident at the same cafe’, online which showed Galliano hurling insults to a group of women and declaring his love for Hitler, and Dior proceeded to terminate. Natalie Portman, a Jewish actress who won an Oscar this weekend, whose great-grandparents were both killed in Auschwitz, who endorses Dior’s Miss Dior Cherie fragrance stated she was shocked and disgusted with his statements. This comes on the first day of Paris Fashion Week. Now the big question is will the Dior show go on and will Galliano show his own collection.

John Galliano was the head designer at Dior from 1997-2011. When I first heard about the allegiations I didn’t think they were true but with the video surfacing you have too wonder why. How can someone with so much talent be such an ass? and why is it just now coming out. Fashion is about art, design and the pleasure of buying and wearing that art. Thank goodness, Dior condemned the statements John Galliano made and clearly stated that the statements were in total condradiction to the core values of Christian Dior.

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