Quilt Trails of Western NC

If you are planning a trip to Western North Carolina a “must see” list would have to include the Quilt Trails of Western NC, located just off the Blue Ridge Parkway. Six counties in Western NC are a part of the Quilt Trail program, featuring over 140 quilt blocks. Mitchell and Yancey counties feature the highest concentration of quilt squares on the Western NC Quilt Trail. There are a total of nine different self guided trails in the two counties, where one can view brightly painted quilt square installations on the sides of barns, buildings and businesses. The project began in Ohio as a daughters tribute to her mother, but quickly spread to 24 other states.

The art form of quilting has a long history in America, which can be traced back to colonial times. Each quilt is a unique work of art and character, each pattern can vary by material and color. Quilts have been used for warmth, wall-hangings, tablecloths, gifts, storytelling and  history preservation.

In the town of Burnsville, NC you’ll find the Quilt Trail Gift Shop which features maps, tour guides, calendars, tees and other Quilt Trail gifts. For more information check out the official Western NC website Quilt Trails of Western North Carolina.

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