Spring In The Mountains

It’s Spring here, in the mountains of Western NC. I’ve heard it said many times “if you don’t like the weather in WNC, give it a few minutes, it’ll change”, and in Spring that comment holds truer than ever. The weather and temperature can change fast in the shadow of the Blue Ridge Mountains. There are lots of little micro-climates dependant on altitudes, wind conditions and temperatures. One obvious difference in Spring in the mountains is the “greening” effect. Trees, bushes and the grass turn from a dull brown to green as temperatures warm up and trees begin bearing leaves again. As the weeks pass the views aren’t as obvious as trees become covered with leaves. It’s not unusual to find daffodils, forthysia and tulips blooming in abundance on the mountains where old homesteads are long gone. On the BRP (Blue Ridge Parkway) wildflowers bloom out as if waking up from a winter’s nap. But don’t be fooled, temps. can go from near 80 degrees one day to snow flurries the next, in early Spring. That’s why we don’t plant our gardens until early May, as tempting as it may be to start earlier. By then you can count on the cooler temps and frost to be gone for another year.

Photo: dishevelledchic.com
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