True Blood Season 4

Finally True Blood is back with a new Season. The premiere last night of Episode 1, Season 4 takes place a year after the end of Season 3. Yes, Sookie was in fairyland for what seemed a few minutes to her, but in reality was over 12 months. I’m just gonna bullet point some key plot items:

-Jason is now a cop. He sold Sookie’s house to Eric while she was away.

-Tara is living in New Orleans, she works as a cage fighter and is in a relationship with her opponent, an Asian girl.

-Bill is now the Vampire King of Louisiana.

-Lafayette is now dabbling in witchcraft by attending Wiccan coven meetings after being persuaded by his boyfriend Jesus’.

-Arlene is convinced her baby is evil, since the dad is serial killer Rene’.

-Sam is bonding with other shape shifters.

-Hoyt and Jessica are living together but neither are very happy.

This Season promises lots of interaction between Eric and Sookie. He told her he knew she wasn’t dead and he bought her house so he would also own her. There’s alot going on this season, which I think will be True Blood’s best season to date. There are fairies, shape-shifters, witches, were-panthers and of course lots of vampires.

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