True Blood Season 4 – Only 2 Episodes Left

With only 2 episodes left of True Blood this week’s episode “Burning Down The House” tied up some loose ends for us.

Eric has his memory back finally, I didn’t like sensitive Eric, I like watching bad, ruthless Eric. We have two love triangles- Bill, Sookie and Eric- and Hoyt, Jessica and Jason. Marnie is really the evil one and has to convince Antonia to join her in her cause of killing vampires. Luna’s ex is putting the moves on Debbie, while Alcide is helping Sookie against Debbie’s wishes. Terry confronts Andy about his v addiction. The vamps who have been avoiding the witches true death spell by sleeping bound with silver chains decide to man up in the end and the episode ends with the song “Burning Down The House” playing while a combat black clad group made up of Jessica, Pam, Bill and Eric are standing outside the Moon Goddess Emporium carrying weapons and flame throwers, ready to attack the witches coven headquarters.  As Layfette said “The Moon Goddess Emporium smells like where old incense go die.” 

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