Dark Winter

I trust everyone had a very Merry Christmas, we did. Soon all the parties, holidays, get-togethers will be over for awhile and the decorations will be packed up for another year and we’ll be in the true Winter season. Winter is a great time for rest and reflection. Looking back at last year’s resolutions, I realize I did pretty well. I wrote more than usual, read quite a bit, definitely ate more local, organic food and we cut out a lot of processed foods completely, and I acquired some new skills. I’m now thinking about resolutions for next year and I’ll be posting those in an upcoming entry. We’re all on a journey, hopefully, one which includes personal growth. I’ve always thought of Winter as a dark Season, but suddenly it’s like I’m seeing it through different eyes. It is a dark cold Season, but it’s also a useful time of reflection, setting goals and planning. We set out blueberries, apple trees and strawberries this past year, so hopefully, we’ll have lots of strawberries in the coming June. It’ll be a few years until we have blueberries and apples but hopefully those will be productive in the next few years. We’re beginning to think about which veggies we’re gonna plant this year, I do love gardening. I’ve also taken my cooking up a notch, if I do say so, I enjoy cooking and I’m so glad I now have more time to research and try new recipes. So far we’ve had a quite Winter weather-wise, just a couple of very small dustings of snow. No White Christmas, this year. I just finished afternoon tea, which we have practically everyday in the Winter months.

Till next time XoXo!

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