December Update

Wow! It seems so long since I updated the blog, but it was only last week. I guess it’s just such a busy time of year. I’ve been working quite a bit, doing a lot of writing, decorating and getting ready for the holidays. I’m writing this while watching Stephen King’s Bag of Bones on A&E. I really wanted to read the novel before watching the mini series but that didn’t happen, but I will read it one day. You all can notice I did update my Shelfari book widget, so I have been reading a bit. My husband and I have been discussing Spring garden plans, winters a good time to make some gardening decisions and complete some reading and online research. We’ve had a couple of snows but not anything major yet. There’s been snow on the ground here the last 2 years for Christmas but I’m already hearing that’s not very likely for this year. I hope everyone is having a good December so far.

Till next time xoxo!

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