Product Review-Ninja Master Prep Professional

After Christmas I began thinking about resolutions and one of those is to up my family’s fruit and veggie intake. The easiest way to do this is to make my own juices using fresh and frozen fruits and veggies. While looking at juicers I came across the Ninja brand. They make claims of the ability to crush, blend and chop so of course, I was interested. With a bit of research I decided to purchase the Ninja Master Prep Professional which is a mid-range product in their line. With a bit more research I found the Ninja is available at Target, but at  QVC the Ninja came with two additional work pitchers. I really like the design of the Ninja, you fit the blades inside the different size pitchers, whichever is appropriate for the job you’re doing, put the splash guard on top and the motor, which is interchangeable among all the pitchers sits on the splash guard. Featuring a 48 ounce pitcher, a 40 ounce pitcher and two 16 ounce pitcher, each with their own lid, the system is designed to make quick work of prepping a variety ingredients. It’s a powerful 450 watts and so far it delivers as promised. I’ve made a variety of juices and it chops and blends a variety of fruits in no time. I realize that making smoothies is only a small part of what the Ninja is capable of. The Ninja takes the place of a mixer, chopper and food processor. Everything in the system except the motor is dishwasher safe and clean up is easy. I think the Ninja Master Prep Professional is a great kitchen tool.

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