Winter Storm

So we went from near 60 degree days to today which dropped to 22 degrees at 5:30 pm. We have a snow storm moving in and it’s beginning to lay on the back deck. Brrr…it’s gonna be a cold few days here in the mountains. We’re snuggled in watching True Grit on Netflix streaming. Afterwhile I’m gonna make some chocolate chip cookies. Watson, our German Shepherd Dog has his window back. He lays with his chin propped up on the windowsill looking down the road. I had rearranged the furniture to allow for our Christmas tree and taken up his prime viewing spot with the loveseat. Yesterday was “take these damn decorations down” day according to a fellow blogger with who I totally agreed. I wanted to take down and pack up Christmas decorations before this storm moved in.
Till next time! XoXo

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