Jason Wu for Target Style

I hope all Fashionista’s out there knew that the Jason Wu for Target hit stores this morning and went live online at midnight eastern time last night. The collection has been well publicized and is quite amazing. I’m not sure if their site went down or was just wonky but, Twitter fans of TargetStyle complained all day about not getting order confirmations and orders getting canceled. There were also many complaints that not all stores carried the Jason Wu line and some of the ones that did had very little product. I actually have 3 Target stores in my area and 2 out of the 3 carried Jason Wu. Unfortunately, one of those is 45 minutes in the opposite direction from where I was today. My husband had a work retreat in nearby Asheville, which has 2 Targets, but only 1 of those was carrying the line. It was probably 3 pm this afternoon before I got there. They had several clothing items, a few of the dresses, the black pleated skirt, but not what I was after. I wanted the cat tee, tote and scarf and the blue floral bag and matching scarf. There was not a scarf or bag in the entire store, from the looks of the empty display they didn’t have many to begin with. I checked online at approx. 7 am this morning and a lot of the product was already unavailable, so I took a chance by waiting to go to the store. When I got home this afternoon a quick online search showed most things were sold out in all stores. I browsed EBay and there are sooo many items which are doubled, tripled and more in priceĀ up for auction. Many people had the scarves Buy It Now for $99 and bags for $150. I did keep refreshing the Target site and saw they replenished some things this evening. I finally got to order the blue floral scarf and received an order confirmation. TargetStyle at Twitter says items will be replenished throughout the week online, but not in the stores, I hope so, I’m gonna keep checking for the other items I initally wanted. So if you didn’t find what you were looking for keep checking back at Target.com and cross your fingers.

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