Not 1 But 2 Rants In One Day

Now that I got the news rant out in my prior post, I have another rant. I know Whitney Houston was very talented at one time. That said, she hasn’t had an album out in years and the entire world has saw her junkie self out and about, talking about Crack is Whack and not able to hit the notes that made her so famous. She died, we all will one day, I really don’t understand the state of NJ lowering their flags in mourning, something they don’t even do for soldiers which have given their life for all of us. I know it’s NJ and they don’t have much to brag about, but geez… Whitney had a God given talent, a powerful gift and she wasted it and turned her back on it. It’s been said Sony actually raised the prices of her music within 30 minutes after her passing trying to recoup what they could on an advance they gave her for an album. How sad, seriously!

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