This Is The News? and Why Do I Blog

I’ll apologize in advance and say that I’m sorry for the rant. What happened to the news? Now, it’s more about entertainment, the news personality of the morning and how many jokes they can tell, I want to know, seriously…Where’s the news? Where are the Walter Cronkite’s and David Brinkley’s, any serious journalists out there, if there are then God help you because I’m really tired of the current news media circus that’s available every morning and night. It’s ridiculous and the local news is even worse. My local news has a thing where you can vote on facebook between 3 or 4 stories for the news stories you want to see. Is it a trick, is only one of them really news? are any of them? Hell, what if I vote for the wrong thing? What if we all do? We’ll never see any real news again.

Yes, well you get my point, that’s already happened. My parents and lots of people older then them watch today’s media circus and believe all of it…it must be true, it was on the news last night. I get more “real news” on Twitter than I ever see from the media on TV, I get it as it’s happening and from first-hand accounts.

Which makes me ask “Why do I blog?”, I blog because I can. I know everything I write about isn’t substantial hard hitting news stories. It’s my blog and I don’t make those kinds of claims. Social media is totally changing the playing field and our culture. Social media is connecting like minded people and making the world a smaller place like never before and I must admit, I love it, what exciting times we live in.

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