Free Kindle Books, Seriously

There are two online sites which I follow on Facebook which post different free and bargain Kindle titles several times every day. The topics are varied including fiction, urban fantasy, children’s books, travel, gardening and cooking. These are great sites for avid readers. Just check out the free titles on the Facebook status link, go to the store on your Kindle and download. Always double check to ensure the price is marked to $0.00, sometimes the offer may of expired but more often then not the information is correct.

Ereader News Today is the first site I discovered. It’s a great site and I’ve downloaded many a free book because of them. The second site, which I recently found, Pixel of Ink, does the same with a different selection of titles. There’s also a Pixel of Ink-Young Edition which has book deals and freebies for ages: 4-8, 9-12, and young adults, which is great for those of you with kids.

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