Growing Fresh Mint

One of the easiest herbs to grow is mint and it comes back year after year. If your thinking about beginning an herb garden, mint is a good place to start. Mint is a hardy herb which can take some extreme temperatures. I planted mine in a large pot on the deck last year and this year it is already thriving. Mint tends to spread easily and by putting it in a large pot I was able to contain it a bit. I actually planted three different types, spearmint, peppermint and chocolate mint.

Mint can be used in many different dishes including lamb, chicken, pasta, desserts and drinks. One of my favorites is chocolate brownies with a bit of chopped chocolate mint in them. I also enjoy picking fresh mint for gin and tonics or to add to plain water in the summer. I picked some at the end of the season last year and put in an ice tray, froze ice cubes with mint in them and dumped them into a baggie. It looks really nice and tastes great in a glass of water for brunches, Sunday lunch, showers or anytime you want to add a special touch.

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