Sonic Cherry Limeade Recipe

With warm weather here, I wanted a Sonic Cherry Limeade the other day. I didn’t really want to drive 20 minutes to the closest Sonic, so I Googled for a recipe. After looking at several homemade recipes, I modified a few and came up with my own concoction, which is pretty close to the original, if I say so myself. I put my ice in the blender/juicer just long enough for cracked ice, which I think is better than cubes. I also used Sprite Zero because to me it tastes the same and I don’t want the extra sugar. Regular Sprite will work just as well, if diet sodas aren’t your thing or you don’t want the kids to have diet sodas. Warning: you’ll want to make these all the time, they are so easy!

Sonic Limeade Recipe

1 can Sprite Zero
1 lime
Cherry juice
Maraschino Cherries

Pour 1 can Sprite Zero in the blender. Cut a lime in half, save one half for later, cut the remaining half into three wedges. Squeeze the juice out of the wedges into the blender, save the three wedges and put them into your cup for garnish. Add 1/4 cup of cherry juice (I used Ocean Spray Cherry Juice, which is new to our area). Blend and pour over ice. Add a maraschino cherry with your three lime wedges for garnish. With cracked ice this makes approximately 2 solo cups of limeade.

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