The Truth About Working From Home

For the last three years I’ve been a stay at home wife. It’s been an amazing time, I’ve been able to do a lot of those things I used to sit at work and wish I had time to enjoy. There is less stress in my life and I can be more of a free spirit. I finally have time to read, I try lots of different wines, I learned to can our own food, I started this blog, I got to polish up my cooking skills, I started my own organic herb garden and I’ve learned a lot about working from home.

I have a Bachelor’s Degree, love to read and have always been a decent writer, so I started doing some freelance writing, web content, mostly. I started following some of the work at home blogs and Facebook pages. I tried writing for several different sites until I found the ones which worked best for me. I still occasionally write articles for a couple of those. Then I came across a write up for a consulting company which was hiring Social Media Consultants at the time. Being a lover of social media and pop culture I applied. The position required a Bachelor’s degree and I had to study and pass two quite difficult tests but it’s one of the few online positions I’ve came across which pays by the hour and pays well. I can remember when only techie’s, programmers and such were the only people who could successfully work from home but there is a shift happening right now in the way people earn money. Companies love it when they can hire employees who work from home. Most positions are considered consultant positions, meaning you are your own employer. There are advantages and disadvantages to being your own boss.

When people find out what I do the one question everyone asks is “What about the sites which want you to pay a fee to get information, or get started?” I would of thought this would of been common sense but apparently not. Do not ever pay someone to work for them or for information which can easily be Googled. The next question I constantly get asked is “Where do I find something like that?” or “Can you help me get that kind of job?” While I can give out some websites which I know are legit, that’s about the extent of my involvement. If an individual has to be spoon fed all the info. they’re not going to make it working on their own anyway. Working at home isn’t for everyone. Some people need the reassurance of others and having someone near who can answer their questions. To work at home you have to be able to use online resources and dig for answers at times. That being said I am going to add a list below of a few of the pros and cons concerning working at home.

Your schedule is flexible.
You leave less of a carbon footprint, no driving into the office everyday.
You don’t have to buy lunch, gas or work clothes.
As a freelancer, you are your own boss.

No insurance obtained at the workplace.
No daily interaction with others.
No paid vacation time, sick time etc. If you don’t work, you don’t get paid.

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