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Being somewhat of a photo buff, I think I’ve tried most Android photo apps. Below is a summary of a few of my favorites. All of these are the free or lite version for Android which can be found in the Google Play Store.


Pixlr o matic
I love this app. and I just use the free lite version. You can edit a photo just taken with your camera or a photo from the gallery. There are so many combinations of photo editing using 25 different filters, 30 different effects along with 30 frames. When a photo is finished you have several sharing options including social media, messaging and email.

Hipster is a cool app which turns photos into postcards. It also allows you to pic your camera or gallery for editing. Hipster has approximately 20 filters. The app also allows labeling and geotags. When finished editing you can send to friends or several social media options including flicker and tumbler. Hipster incorporates the social aspect allowing you to follow friends, look at nearby photos or global photos.

RetroCam features 6 vintage cameras, including Polaroid and Pinhole. Each camera takes a photo which displays characteristics of a real photo taken with that type of camera. Sharing is allowed to Twitter, Facebook or email.

Featuring 18 filters, 15 borders and color manipulation StreamZoo is a really good app. You can tag pics with up to 10 tags, geotag info and share with friends to social media sites. StreamZoo also incorporates social media aspects by allowing you to follow people and #streams for real time feed updates.

FxEffect has been around a long time and is my little nieces favorite. There are several emulators including Toy Camera, Polaroid, Cartoon, Fisheye, Warhol, SymmetriCam and normal. You can’t access gallery photos but the app is simple and sharing is easy to Twitter or Facebook.

InstaGram is becoming the standard for social media sharing, although it’s limited in some aspects. The app does a good job of incorporating social media allowing followers. You can edit photos using camera or the gallery. InstaGram features 16 filters but each filter is fixed with a particular frame, you can turn the frame function on or off but I feel InstaGram’s limited in the photo process. Sharing is easy to Twitter, Facebook, FourSquare or Tumbler and geotaggging is possible. What InstaGram lacks in photo editing it makes up for in Social Media aspects. It’s possible to follow Facebook or Twitter friends and your favorite celebrities, even your favorite blogger.

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