Blueberry Lemon Jam

Today I’ve been canning an old favorite, which is so easy, good and requires only a few ingredients, blueberry lemon jam. Ripe blueberries are readily available now in NC. The recipe is as follows:

2 1/4 pints of fresh blueberries
2 teaspoons of grated lemon peel
1/2 cup of lemon juice
6 1/2 cups of sugar
6 oz liquid fruit pectin

In a large pot add blueberries, sugar, lemon peel and lemon juice. Cook until it hits a rolling boil, while stirring well. Add liquid pectin and let hard boil for one minute. Pour in canning jars and process in a water bath canner for 15 minutes.

This recipe makes 8 1/2 pint jars of jam.

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