What A Difference A Few Feet Can Make When Gardening

Last year I set out five Rose of Sharon bushes, all the same time. Three I put on a small bank in the front yard, the other two I put in the back yard along the edge of our deck. The three in the front yard are barely making it, it’s been a hot, dry Summer here. The two in the back are thriving, a good five ft. high now. I was so surprised that there could be such a difference in the same plants planted the same time in the same yard. When planting it pays to do a quick analysis of the characteristics of the plant and what it needs to thrive. That’s why it takes a while to successfully plant a garden as well. Not only does it take time to learn plants it takes time and experience to learn the land you’re planting on. Below are photos of both plants:

Photo: dishevelledchic.com
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