Superstorm=Super headache literally…

For days now we’ve heard about Hurricane Sandy, a huge superstorm nicknamed Frankenstorm, an unusual combination of a hurricane and nor’easter, which will hit the east coast sometime on Monday. Predictions include this will be the worst storm in 100 years. Bob and I have done everything we can imagine to prepare. Weather forecasts for our area are mixed, the consensus is we’re going to get snow, instead of rain, maybe a lot of snow, damaging wind with lots of possibly extended power outages.

Friday was a gorgeous day, 75 degree temps with warm, balmy air. I took advantage of this by hitting the BRP after filling up on gas, which is coming down in price, yeah. The pics in this post are some photos I took then, I figured it was my last chance at some gorgeous fall photos.

Yesterday we made the inevitable trip to our local WalMart for batteries, sandwich items and water. We also begin updating and charging phones, iPods, tablets, kindles, solar chargers etc. to ensure entertainment, if the power is off for an extended amount of time. Current estimates include over 50 million people without power, so there are warnings that it could be weeks in some areas before power is restored, not good…Last night we watched Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter, which was surprisingly good. I’m a huge Tim Burton fan anyway but besides a bit of silliness I really enjoyed this film.

Today Bob just made an awesome brunch of omelettes, bacon, toast and jam. I love brunch. My eyes feel they are crossing as I write this, I think the changing temps and air pressure are giving me a massive headache. I mean the temperature can’t drop 30-40 degrees without it having some type of effect, right? Depending which weather model I use we are expecting anywhere from 2-4 inches of snow to approximately 2 feet of snow. Weather forecasters are saying they’ve never saw a storm like this before. Getting a dusting of snow here before or on Halloween is unusual but not unheard of. However, if we do get a big amount of snowfall that would be unusual. I guess time will tell. I hope all East Coasters make it through the storm safe and sound.

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