Duality and Nature

This time of the year, when the time “falls back” and it gets darker much earlier, I can’t help but think about the dichotomy of the world around us. I prefer Summertime and the light but, as I get older I can appreciate Winter or as some call it the dark times. Duality is all around us and without one there cannot be the other. Duality in the natural world is represented by light and dark, seeds sprouting, producing then dying, good and bad in everyone, ignorance and enlightenment, and the state of birth and death. Is this simply the way of nature or more specifically human nature?

There are multiple symbols which represent light and dark or duality in nature, which have been passed down thru the ages. The yin/yang, sun/moon, white/black etc. One compliments and enables the other.

One thing I do enjoy in the Winter is lots of reading and writing. There’s nothing better than curling up on a cold Winter’s Day and reading a good book or working on a writing project, either for work or pleasure.

Yes, I’m trying to be more accepting of the Winter.

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