Goodbye October, Hello November!

So October blew out with a bang. Our county got as much as 3″-12″ of snow from Hurricane Sandy. School was cancelled all week but thankfully, yesterday the roads cleared up and by the afternoon Halloween was back on the table. Our niece came by trick r’ treating after a day of sledding at home. She dressed as Rapunzel this year, including a 2 ft. braid which matched her hair so well, a lot of people asked her if that was her real hair. When she was little I bought the first princess dress she had, which was Cinderella and she referred to herself as “Baby Princess Allie” for most of her toddler years, she’s been enchanted by Princesses ever since. That was several years and princess dresses ago.

Last night we made pizza, ate Halloween candy and watched The Raven which was a really good movie. I loved all the references to several Poe stories. Then we watched American Horror Story which is the perfect ending to Halloween night. Watson, our german shepherd, got a special iced pumpkin halloween cookie which I had picked up the last time I was at the dog bakery so he was happy.

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