It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like…

With two Thanksgiving meals behind us, one with each of our families, we decorated the tree the weekend after Thanksgiving.
I still have several odds and ends to put out but at least the tree is up and the front outside entry is decorated.

My dad’s business is actually a Christmas Tree Farm. He grows trees and sells them and fresh wreaths. I think this year’s tree is one of the nicest we’ve had in our home. There are so few Christmas decorations I really like. So many just seem gaudy to me. We have a lot of artists in our area so I tend to prefer the jewel toned blown glass ornaments and always white lights. I did find a stag’s head at Target this year that I loved. This baby will probably stay out all year. I really love the whole modern, yet rustic, “simple nordic look”.

I did most all of my shopping online this year and packages have been rolling in all week. I’m really glad to see a lot more independent shops online and easier to access. And yes, I may of bought a few things for myself…

I’ve been practicing some baking as well. I tried a new peanut butter fudge recipe this week and last night I tried a dessert I found on pinterest, it’s a Reese, cookie dough, brownie. Very easy, use a muffin pan press one and half pieces of cookie dough in the bottom, put a Reese cup upside down, then add a brownie mix on top. Yes, I went there…
Today my springform pan came which I had ordered with some other things, so hopefully, soon I’ll be making some cheesecake. There’s a Vanilla Bean Cheesecake with Chocolate Crust and Salted Caramel I’ve been wanting to make for the Holidays. I’m really so thankful that I’m home enough now to do some baking and have the time to enjoy it. After working in retail several years, although I was always in the office, after 3 years at home I’m just beginning to enjoy the holidays again.

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