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This is a new segment which I’ll be doing probably about every three months or so. It’s just kind of a cool check of what I’m into at the moment. It’ll include activities and products, just things I’ve tried that I like.

Ugg Oversized Cardy Beanie
With cold weather upon us I’m reminded how much I like this beanie which I bought last year. It’s stylish while being extremely warm and comfortable. It was a nice find and it’s a beanie that feels so good when I put it on I don’t want to take it off.


Downton Abbey

I’m completely enthralled with the story of the Crawley family and their servants. It’s an amazing show which gives us glimpses into aristocratic England as well as, that of the servants which work for them.

Naked by Urban Decay
I’m in love with this neutral palette eye shadow set. It comes with twelve eye shadows, a shadow primer and brush. Most shadows I buy I’ll only use part of the colors but all of these are gorgeous. I love the primer as well, it keeps eye shadow fresh all day with no creases.


Roku delivers streaming entertainment to your tv. There are lots of Roku channels, with new ones being added all the time. A few of my favs include NetFlix, TuneIn, RadioParadise and UStream. There are also Roku Holiday Channels which pull all the Halloween or Christmas radio stations, movies, cooking and craft shows which are streaming into one place. Roku seriously changes the way you view tv for the better.

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