Favorites of 2012

I thought it would be fun to look back at some good things from 2012, so I compiled a list of some of my favorite things from the year.

bat for lashes dc

The Haunted Man-Bat for Lashes
I’ve followed this group for a long time and their highly anticipated new album didn’t disappoint. Rolling Stone named it one of the Best Albums of 2012 and it’s def right at the top for me.

Blunderbuss-Jack White
Let’s face it, I love anything Jack White but I really enjoy this album. I listen to it in it’s entirety from front to back and that’s the sign of a good album.

Babel-Mumford and Sons
The folksy sounds of Mumford and Sons strike a cord in me. I enjoy their sound, it’s new, only not, if that makes sense.

moonrise kingdom

There were some surprises in movies when looking at the movies I enjoyed the most in 2012. I didn’t necessarily list the big blockbusters Batman, SpiderMan etc. in my list of favs.

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter
I thought this would be silly yet, I loved it. I thought it was well done and had a decent plot.

Snow White and the Huntsmen
I loved the cinematography, this was a beautiful movie and I’ve watched it several times. I’m awestruck every time I watch it. Decent plot, gorgeous movie, enough said.
dc snow white and the huntsman

Cabin in the Woods
A good horror flick with a twist.

Moonrise Kingdom
Original movie with beautiful cinematography, a cute coming of age flick.

Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn was my favorite book of the year. It had elements of suspense, mystery, romance and a surprise twist at the end. I really enjoyed this book.

dc bracelet stack

Accessories made a splash in 2012. Brightly colored bags and shoes made outfits pop. Here are some styles which I enjoyed rocking in 2012.

Bracelet Stacks, why wear only one bracelet when you can wear four? I love the look of a good bracelet stack, reminiscent of the 80’s.

Large stretchy or adjustable rings of all colors and kinds.

Pearls, enough said.

Scarves of any kind.

My go-to piece was a boyfriend cut gray cardigan. It looked nice with skirts, jeans and i could pair any color of top or tee under it.
I’m really liking plain basic comfy tees, long and short sleeve in all colors.
Graphic tees of all kinds. I have horror tees, Starbucks tees and band tees. They can be worn in warm weather alone or paired with a henley in cooler weather.
Keen Whisper Sandals, after purchasing these in early Summer, I wore them everyday thereafter until the weather became too cold. They look nice, they’re sooo comfortable, washable and awesome.

I rocked a short hairstyle which is tousled with a bit of gel and I had it colored in lots of fun colors throughout the year.

Stag anything. Stags appeared on jewelry, tees and home decor.
dc stag ring

Photos: weheartit.com

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