Organizing Books and Setting Reading Goals for the New Year

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I’ve been a member on Shelfari since 2010 but I recently joined some book groups and decided to be more active on the site. You may have noticed my bookshelf on the right which is a Shelfari widget and is updated with books I have read. Every profile on Shelfari has a bookshelf like the one displayed here. There are three sections: books read, books I plan to read and books I am reading. Notice on my shelf displayed on my blog I only include the books I have read. Looking back on 2012, I realized I didn’t have a way to track the books I’ve read proper. So I looked around on Shelfari and discovered I had read 35 books during the year (if I updated all of their status on Shelfari). While looking around I discovered the goal setting function and I immediately set up a goal for the coming year to read 50 books. Shelfari is sponsored by Amazon, there are book reviews, groups, book suggesions and lots of book loving goodness. If anyone wants to follow me on shelfari my profile is .


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