70 Degree Weather in January

Today the temp hovered around 70 degrees, for Western NC in January this is a record breaker. Bob and I took the convertible to the nearby Blue Ridge Parkway, let the top down and checked out the awesome views, while listening to the Grateful Dead, Harry Chapin, James Taylor and some other classic tunes. To top off our awesome day, Duke lost to NC State and Carolina won against Florida State. Below are some photos I took on the BRP.

A convertible ride in January, that’s crazy talk…
brp convertible ride january

Unfiltered photo of Winter, I really like this pic
brp unfiltered tree winter

Unusual photo for me, I don’t think I’ve ever been on the Blue Ridge Parkway in January, usually the weather is too bad, but with all the leaves off the trees the views are even more spectacular
brp trees in winter

Where the mountains meet the clouds
brp mtns clouds

The tunnel at Little Switzerland
brp tunnel

Photos: dishevelledchic.com

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