Android App Review: Endorse

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I recently reviewed the money saving shopping app, Ibotta. Endorse is a lot like Ibotta in that it features a group of products which when purchased you can receive cash back. The Endorse app is available for Android and iPhones. The savings is usually anywhere from 10% to 100% cash back. Even though the apps are a lot alike, there are some things I like better on Endorse than Ibotta. Endorse accepts basically any receipt including receipts from online purchases which is great for shoppers like me who purchase a lot of online items. The store doesn’t have to be from an approved list of vendors like Ibotta.
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Many of the discounts are very generic like any brand/type of dog food, any brand/size coffee or any brand of paper towels. Ibotta is very specific about brand and product size so I find myself actually redeeming more offers thru Endorse than Ibotta because Endorse isn’t as brand specific. Although when redeeming an offer thru Endorse, the % back is based on the cost of the item after all coupons, loyalty cards and discounts. At first glance it seems to take a little longer for offers to be processed with Endorse but the savings have always been in my account by the following day. You can transfer earnings to paypal at any time or request a check when earnings reach $25. The process for redeeming an offer is basically the same for both apps. Simply upload the receipt and submit. I’ll probably continue to use both apps as they require little bookkeeping and can add up over time in additional savings.

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