Extreme Couponing at a Reasonable Level

dc extreme couponing Extreme Couponing, the show recently showed up on my Netflix streaming list so I decided to see what this show is all about. Some of my friends have been using coupons to get things for free or at minimal cost for awhile now, but every time they started telling me how they did it I just kinda faded out. I occassionally use coupons, and use WalMart’s matching policy a lot to get more value for our money. We live in an area where there’s not a large choice of grocery store’s unless you drive approx 45 minutes to a nearby town. So, after watching Extreme Couponing I finally got it. This week I have some coupons for sale items and plan to take advantage of a few good buys. There is no way I want a “stockpile” like some of the women on the show but I can understand with several kids why they might do this, with economic conditions being the way they are. The goals I’ve set for myself are 1. buy only things we use on a regular basis and I KNOW we’ll use 2. buy large amounts only when I have storage available and it’s a really good savings and 3. seriously see just how much I can save this year, the more money I save the more money we have for other things. Since it’s just me, my husband and our dog there are several advantages I take into account. First, we’re not very brand picky or picky eaters. Second, since I work from home I have more time to prepare meals than most people which keeps us from using a lot of processed food for time and convenience sake. Third, since I am at home all the time and we have no kids it shouldn’t be a struggle to jump on weekly sales, get coupons and pick up my purchases for the week. I’ll update from time to time to let you guys know how I’m doing (as if I have readers, lol!) and keep myself accountable.

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