January Convertible Ride (I love the South)

convertible brp january This morning I ran the necessary errands and with temps near 70 after lunch I took off with my new phone to the nearby Blue Ridge Parkway for a convertible ride. I practiced taking some pics with the better camera on my phone, which look really promising (see photo above).

The Parkway looks completely different in Winter as opposed to Summer. In Winter a lot of leaves are off the trees and you can see even further. Several trees were cut by the roadside where I’m assuming they’d fallen across the road during a recent ice storm.

Tomorrow we’re supposed to have heavy rains with 70 mph winds followed by freezing rain and more snow and a 40 degree temperature drop. All I know is I’m happy to be gifted this gorgeous January day and I didn’t waste it, nope not a bit…

Photo: dishevelledchic.com

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